Don't become caught in your auto with a vehicle escape device that doesn't function.

Your life could depend on it.
There are many low-cost replica vehicle escape safety hammers on the market that appear much like the original Classic Lifehammer. Don't be deceived. Most of them utilize substandard quality steel as well as affordable plastic to maintain their costs low. In an actual emergency the results might be unfortunate.
When it comes to the security of you and also your family members, only the very best will certainly do.
The Initial Lifehammer Standard is a top-notch auto getaway device made in The Netherlands. In an emergency situation it will conveniently shatter an automobile home window and also slice through a jammed directory safety belt so you could escape car entrapment.
The Original Lifehammer has been provided the distinguished GS TUV stringent German look at this site safety and security qualification.
Do not risk your life with an economical replica. Always look for the GS TUV label.
Order the Original Lifehammer Security Hammer Standard.
To order click the link in the summary below.
The original security hammer is currently known as the "Traditional". It is a top quality car getaway device that has a twin sided safety hammer head made from carbon steel. The carbon steel head is cone designed and also comes to a factor which permits it to conveniently break a solidified glass home window. Lots of people do not know that toughened up glass is very hard to recover cost with a typical claw hammer. It additionally has actually a secured blade that could puncture an read obstructed safety belt.

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