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   Purely natural-end hardwood plywood panel—A panel on which the original grain pattern is Increased by an primarily clear finish frequently supplemented by filler and toner.

   Stationary interior combustion engine or stationary reciprocating inner combustion engine—      (i)   An inner combustion engine which makes use of reciprocating motion to convert heat energy into mechanical get the job done and which is not mobile.      (ii)   The expression doesn't contain the subsequent:        (A)   A combustion turbine.

   Idling mode—The time period whenever a solvent cleansing equipment isn't actively cleaning metallic areas and also the sump heating coils, if existing, are turned off.

   Spray gun—A device that atomizes a coating or other content and tasks the particulates or other product on to a substrate.

In a very lawsuit initiated in 1996 by relations of a number of the approximated 600 Spanish citizens who disappeared in Argentina throughout the "Dirty War", proof was introduced to aid the allegation that Significantly of this repression was directed by Ford and one other significant industrial corporations.

   Automotive lacquer—A thermoplastic coating utilized directly to bare steel surfaces of cellular tools and cell devices parts which dries generally by solvent evaporation, and and that is resoluble in its first solvent.

   Opacity—The diploma to which emissions reduce the transmission of light and obscure the look at of the item within the qualifications.

   Tileboard—A premium interior wall paneling solution fabricated from hardboard that is definitely Utilized in superior dampness regions of the home, which includes kitchens and loos, and which satisfies the requirements for Course I hardboard authorized by the American National Criteria Institute.

Ford pressured minimal price depending on efficient factories but GM did improved in oligopolistic Level of competition by like expenditure in producing, marketing, and management.

   Aerospace coating unit—A number of one or more coating applicators and any connected drying space or oven whereby a coating is utilized, dried and cured.

   Low NOx burner with divided overfire air—A burner design effective at cutting down the formation of NOx emissions via substoichiometric combustion of fuel through a burner assembly consisting of two or more stages and also the addition of secondary combustion air released downstream of your burner site.

   Supreme purchaser—With respect to any new motor vehicle or new motorized vehicle motor, the very first one that in good faith purchases a fresh motorized vehicle or new motor vehicle engine for needs besides resale.

   Flat wood paneling product or service—A wood paneling solution Utilized in building together with attractive interior panels, exterior siding and tileboard (Class I hardboard).

   BACT—Very best out there control technological innovation—An emissions limitation (including a visual emissions find out here conventional) according to the maximum diploma of reduction for every regulated NSR pollutant which would be emitted from any proposed big facility or big modification which the Office, on the circumstance-by-scenario basis, taking into account Electrical power, environmental and financial impacts and also other charges, determines is achievable for the power or modification via application of output processes or accessible strategies, devices and tactics, such as gas cleaning or treatment or modern gasoline combustion strategies for Charge of the pollutant. The appliance of BACT may not end in emissions of the pollutant which would exceed the emissions allowed by any applicable standard below 40 CFR Aspect 60 or sixty one.

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